About Us

Born, bred, and idealized in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Team Pace Wins, embraces all of what nature provides, be it winding roads, mountain lakes, or snowy mountaintops, and using those venues to push yourself to the extreme.

Team Pace Wins was born from the idea that having a team behind you, whether your own or a competitor's, will push you harder, better, and faster than you could push on your own. You don't have to have a "team" of a traditional sort to set the winning pace. 

We make gear for action sports enthusiasts because that's who we are and that's what we love. Whether your sport is on the track, in the dirt, carving waves, or shredding powder, whether your equipment is motorized or self-propelled, if you ride, drive, fly, compete -  we've got you.

Kelly Pace
Team Pace Wins, LLC